The Interesting Technology Behind the Popular Zojirushi Rice Cooker

The humble rice cooker is a staple appliance in the majority of households across the nation.

While the basic technology used to introduce heat gradually to cook rice grains has remained largely unchanged for many decades, the Zojirushi brand of rice cookers has transformed the landscape with many amazing features, including artificial intelligence!

Take a look at the different features that have made the Zojirushi rice cooker a crowd favorite all these years:

#1 – Artificial Intelligence (No, Really!)

Zojirushi rice cookers are equipped with MICOM (microcomputer technology) which grants it AI capabilities.

Artificial intelligence not only adapts to the type of rice that you are cooking but it also remembers the conditions of the last time that you cooked and learns from it. As you continue using your rice cooker, it will get even better.

Only a handful of brands have been able to add a genuine computer component to their rice cookers because the cooking process is almost synonymous with human talent. In short: it’s hard to predict how to cook rice perfectly. Zojirushi’s R&D has focused on “fuzzy logic” technology all these years to finally bring AI to rice cookers.

#2 – Crazy, Customizable Cooking 

A rice cooker with settings for different types of rice grains is already awesome – but think of a rice cooker with settings for porridge and other rice concoctions! The newest lines of Zojirushi rice cookers have menu settings for different rice dishes, making them even more versatile than before.

Since these rice cookers can also adjust cooking pressure automatically, it’s not surprising that you can produce satisfactory sushi rice, porridge and brown rice with just one device (and without the guesswork too!)

#3 – Aesthetics & Functionality

Zojirushi rice cookers are one of the sleekest looking appliances available and they fit beautifully in most kitchens. The streamlined and low-profile design means your rice cooker won’t stand out like a daisy in an otherwise immaculate kitchen.

Another interesting feature of this brand is the nonstick pan. Sure, the rice doesn’t stick when you cook it (definitely cool!) but there’s actually a special layer of platinum added to the pan to make your cooked rice taste even better. The platinum has a special effect on the water used for cooking, thereby creating better-tasting rice in a jiffy.

#4 – Ease of Use

Despite all of the advanced features of the Zojirushi rice cooker, it is extremely easy to use.

There’s a default setting for white rice so if you’re not in the mood to experiment with the other cooking settings, then simply fill the nonstick pan with water, measure your rice and with a press of a button your Zojirushi rice cooker begins its work.

Thanks to fuzzy logic technology, you won’t have to worry about soggy rice or partially cooked rice because that machine takes care of those details for you. You’ll never have to stress out ever again because you’re not too familiar with rice.

Now, how about a nice rice dinner tonight?

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