How to Evaluate HOA Management Companies Online

A homeowners association (HOA) refers to the private governing body in residential communities such as a planned unit development, manufactured home park, or a condominium apartment complex. The main role of HOA is setting and enforcing rules and service provision beneficial to the whole community.

Residents are required to pay monthly fees in order to enjoy the benefits and privileges afforded by these associations. Most HOAs enlist the services of property management companies, such as City Property Management Company in Phoenix, AZ. A HOA should evaluate carefully a property management company to ensure that residents receive the best services before hiring it.

The Basics 

The responsibilities of a HOA and daily operations might prove overwhelming sometimes. That is why they need to enlist the services of a property management company. However, they should do an evaluation of different companies before choosing one. Poor management can create huge problems for the HOA. Furthermore, home owners have a bigger say when it comes to the decisions and actions of the HOA in the community.

Minimum Standards 

The governing body of the HOA has a direct oversight on the property management company. Therefore, all the qualifications of the company must be carefully considered. In states where licensing of property management companies is done, it is advisable to go with a licensed company since they are more legitimate. A background check on the person who is to manage the community should be conducted to ensure safety and security of the residents. To ensure professionalism, the management experience and education of the individual should also be checked.

Service Oversight 

HOA pays fees for landscaping, common area maintenance, scheduling HOA meetings, checking safety equipment, maintaining the finances of the association and security provision. Most of these tasks are handled by the management company on behalf of the board. HOA fees also cover aspects such as trash removal and hazard insurance.

Therefore, the board of the HOA should follow up and ensure that all service providers are duly paid by the management company on time. Efficiency and a history of strong performance in this field should be one of the main requirement that the property management company should fulfil before being hired.


Managing a home owners association is different from apartment complexes and single-family homes. HOA managers should display strong interpersonal relations. This is due to the fact that they have the authority and power for making decisions as homeowners, unlike tenants. If homeowners fail to follow the laid down rules, they cannot be evicted, unlike tenants. Therefore, successful property management calls for diplomacy and toughness.

The management should also be well positioned in negotiating agreements and tackling group politics in situations where homeowners have conflicting ideas. Proper communication and conflict management skills should be one of the considerations when interviewing candidates for the manager’s position to make sure that only the best individual with the right skills fill the position.

A property management company for HOA should be carefully evaluated to make sure they have the right skills and expertise to handle work of such magnitude. The selected company should display professionalism, a proven track record, and proper management skills both with human resources and finances.


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