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Few Other Handcrafted Brands Match the Timeless Elegance of Mr. Brog

When it comes to tobacco pipes, few other handcrafted brands match the timeless elegance of Mr. Brog.

All Mr. Brog tobacco pipes are lovingly crafted by the brand’s expert makers, and each style has its own distinct feel that matches the smoker’s lifestyle and taste. The Mr. Brog full bent tobacco pipe (Xol Pecan) and made with pear wood roots is compact, with most of its volume on its top barrel.

Smooth curves accentuate the rim of the bowl, and the gentle bend toward the mouthpiece/tip provides just the right grip for a full draught of smoke. This is 160 cm long, with an inner bowl that measures 60 cm deep. You get one natural filter component when you get the Xol Pecan pipe.

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How to Evaluate HOA Management Companies Online

A homeowners association (HOA) refers to the private governing body in residential communities such as a planned unit development, manufactured home park, or a condominium apartment complex. The main role of HOA is setting and enforcing rules and service provision beneficial to the whole community.

Residents are required to pay monthly fees in order to enjoy the benefits and privileges afforded by these associations. Most HOAs enlist the services of property management companies, such as City Property Management Company in Phoenix, AZ. A HOA should evaluate carefully a property management company to ensure that residents receive the best services before hiring it.

The Basics 

The responsibilities of a HOA and daily operations might prove overwhelming sometimes. That is why they need to enlist the services of a property management company. However, they should do an evaluation of different companies before choosing one. Poor management can create huge problems for the HOA. Furthermore, home owners have a bigger say when it comes to the decisions and actions of the HOA in the community.

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Why It’s Vital That Your eCommerce Website is Mobile-Optimized

Did you know? eCommerce software by Pinnacle Cart has built-in, mobile-ready themes that can help you get optimized within the same day of launching your store. We highly recommend you check out their system for ease-of-use, security, and overall awesomeness. We had a client recently launch their student headphones business with this same type of platform.

You’ve successfully set up your ecommerce website. Congratulations! You’re ready to start selling so you can begin raking in those profits. But wait: is your ecommerce website mobile-optimized?

If you answered “no” or “what’s mobile optimized?” you’re in for a treat!

Tracking the mobile trends

We wouldn’t be all over mobile-optimized websites if there weren’t solid facts informing us of the present revolution in how people used the Internet for leisure and commerce.

2014 marked the crucial junction that showed equal numbers of PC and mobile device users surfing the Web. Prior to 2014, mobile users were lagging behind to the mighty laptop/PC users who have ruled the usage trend for the past 8 years.

In the first quarter of 2015, 51% of all adult users surfed the Internet using their smartphones and tablet computers. This means that websites that were ready to accommodate the smaller screens of mobile devices provided superior experience than websites that are optimized for PCs and laptops only.

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How Google Maps is Changing the Way We Choose a Service Business

Google may well be trying to dominate every aspect of the World Wide Web – and people aren’t panicking because they’re busy using Gmail, Google (the search engine) and of course, Google Maps.

Google Maps has been around for so long that it has become synonymous with searching for places on the Internet. Those red balloons on beige backgrounds are now equal to “bingos” when someone is trying to find a store, park, beach or even a house in a suburb.

But how is Google Maps affecting local businesses, specifically service-oriented businesses?

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