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Researching the History of Acupuncture Techniques & Strategies

Acupuncture is a healing method that is used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is the practice of inserting needles into specific points in order to restore balance to qi flow. There are multiple acupuncture points that exist on the body.

Acupuncture used to be classified as experimental by the United States F.D.A. However, in the past twenty years it has been approved for medical use and studies have found it to be helpful with a variety of ailments. It is now one of the leading alternative therapies and millions of dollars are spent every year in pursuit of acupuncture use.

The History of Acupuncture Techniques & Strategies

Acupuncture has been around for five thousand years or more and originated in China. This medical practice is based on the concept that human beings possess. This energy is called qi.

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