Few Other Handcrafted Brands Match the Timeless Elegance of Mr. Brog

When it comes to tobacco pipes, few other handcrafted brands match the timeless elegance of Mr. Brog.

All Mr. Brog tobacco pipes are lovingly crafted by the brand’s expert makers, and each style has its own distinct feel that matches the smoker’s lifestyle and taste. The Mr. Brog full bent tobacco pipe (Xol Pecan) and made with pear wood roots is compact, with most of its volume on its top barrel.

Smooth curves accentuate the rim of the bowl, and the gentle bend toward the mouthpiece/tip provides just the right grip for a full draught of smoke. This is 160 cm long, with an inner bowl that measures 60 cm deep. You get one natural filter component when you get the Xol Pecan pipe.

For a pipe that’s made to be held for long periods, which makes it great company for moments of contemplation, we have the Churchwarden tobacco pipe set, which comes with a special 3-in-1 tamper tool (handmade). This series is the most popular pipe in the Mr. Brog collection and has over one hundred distinct models to choose from. If you’ve been looking for an authentic briar pipe, this would be it.

When you order a Churchwarden tobacco pipe set, you also get a very stylish pipe stand to rest your pipe. The pipe has good balance, a compact bowl and a sturdy stem that makes it a joy to hold and use. This set is marked “ideal for everyday” smokers by Mr. Brogs.

Now, if you’ve been wanting a smoking pipe that looks earthy, distinct but at the same time gentlemanly all the way, Mr. Brog Full Bent Tobacco Pipe Model No. 67 is right for you. The bowl of the pipe has an earthy texture, similar to the bark of a tree, while half the bowl (toward the rim) is finished with a pecan, rusticated tone. This model is crafted with Mediterranean Briar wood, which has been hardened for a complete two seasons to make the wood virtually indestructible and ideal for years and years of daily use. Briar wood is hailed as the densest and most ideal wood for the crafting of tobacco pipes in the market, and the Mr. Brog brand happens to make a lot of pipes with this material.

The natural sheen of Model No. 67 comes with expert finishing, and a layer of carnauba wax which brings out the natural beauty of the grain. The signature Mr. Brog bend helps produce cooler smoke, which enhances the experience of the user. Along with other trade secrets, the “Cool Smoke” effect of the Mr. Brog brand has made it extremely popular in the European market for a long time now.

Now, if you want something that is stouter and bolder in design, try the Mr. Brog Tobacco Pipe Model No. 100 – the Frog. Made with Mediterranean briar wood, too. The large bowl resembles the full expansion of a feral bullfrog, and the aesthetic is rusticated, with the most gorgeous texture, too.

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